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Centrifugal Casting This type of investment casting process is commonly used with concrete, resin, plaster, or metal and utilizes centrifugal force in order to create a wide range of products that all have a cylindrical shape.

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Ferralloy Inc. supplies high-quality precision castings such as investment castings in carbon, alloy and stainless steels. In addition, we offer heat treating and in-house machining services as well as inventory stocking programs to facilitate on-time deliveries and reduced inventories. Industries we serve include automotive, heavy truck, bearing, forging, mining, medical and more. https://www.ferralloy.com/centrifugal-castings.html | Email This Company | Phone: 440-250-1900 | 28001 Ranney Parkway Cleveland, OH 44145

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Ferralloy Inc.

Centrifugal castings obviously get their name from the use of centrifugal force within the application, but this casting method can be used to create any number of products, from movie props to mirrors. Because of this wide range of applications, it is important to do your research on centrifugal castings and centrifugal casting manufacturers before making a purchase. Read More…

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