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At American Casting Company we understand that high quality, low cost and short lead times are very important to our customers. To ensure we can provide these elements, we employ a lean manufacturing approach to each operation required throughout the casting process in our investment casting foundry. Doing so eliminates waste, lowers cost and increases quality. We incorporate multiple steps into single manufacturing processes and cross train technicians. For example: wax injection, mold building and first dipping are all done by the same operator which speeds up the process and minimizes hand offs. The same manufacturing methodology is used company wide for all areas of the business which saves time and money for our customers. We have a team of experts with vast experience in manufacturing investment castings parts that comply with the highest and most stringent industry standards. Besides this, we focus on speed and are known for producing parts in the industries shortest lead times. We also focus on customer service and communication which ensures you will receive unmatched service. So, if you are looking for a quality investment casting manufacturer then look no further because we have you covered. Please contact us today for your next investment casting project.

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Investment Casting

Investment Casting

Investment casting is a metal working process that uses a ceramic shell built over a wax pattern to produce parts with extraordinarily uniform and smooth surfaces. The wax pattern is produced from an aluminum die.The final products of investment casting are without parting lines, mold half marks, or other deformities...

Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting

Lost wax casting is a casting process that uses a wax pattern to create a ceramic mold for creating a part or product design. It has been known over the years as lost wax or precision casting due to its accuracy in recreating parts with precise tolerances...

Types of Casting Processes

Types of casting processes

The casting process is an ancient art that goes back several thousand years to the beginning of written history. The archeological record has finds that document the use of the casting process over 6000 years ago around 3000 BC or BCE...

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