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Middletown, NJ

Engineered Precision Casting Company, Inc. (EPCC) is a leading manufacturer of investment castings located in Middletown, New Jersey. The company has been in operation since 1946 and has extensive experience in producing high-quality investment castings for a wide range of industries.

Investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, is a manufacturing process in which a wax pattern is coated with a ceramic shell that is then fired to create a mold. The wax is then melted out, and molten metal is poured into the mold to create the final casting. Investment casting is ideal for producing complex shapes with high accuracy and excellent surface finish.

EPCC specializes in investment castings made from a variety of metals, including aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, and nickel-based alloys. The company's investment castings are used in a wide range of applications, including aerospace, defense, medical, and commercial industries.

One of EPCC's core competencies is their ability to provide custom investment castings to meet the unique needs of their customers. They work closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and then use their expertise to produce investment castings that meet or exceed expectations. EPCC's engineering team is skilled at designing and prototyping complex castings, ensuring that customers receive the most cost-effective solution.

EPCC's investment casting capabilities are complemented by a range of value-added services, including machining, finishing, and assembly. The company has state-of-the-art machining equipment that can produce precision machined components to tight tolerances. EPCC's finishing services include a range of surface treatments, such as polishing, blasting, and painting, to ensure the final product meets the required specifications.

EPCC's commitment to quality is evident in their ISO 9001:2015 certification. The company has a rigorous quality management system in place to ensure that every investment casting meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. EPCC also has a comprehensive testing and inspection program, which includes X-ray, ultrasonic, and dye penetrant testing to ensure that every casting is defect-free.

In conclusion, Engineered Precision Casting Company, Inc. is a leader in the investment casting industry, offering a wide range of investment casting products and services to meet the unique needs of their customers. With their engineering expertise, commitment to quality, and value-added services, EPCC is well-positioned to continue to grow and serve the needs of the industries they serve.

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